Wind pipes that generate sound and electricity

A series of transparent columns creating a landscape reminiscent of the industrial past of the site but cleaning its reputation with a pure form. A crystal cylinder that sparkles light, lets it through creating energy and erasing itself from the landscape. Inclined bowing to the Sun.

The organ is a series of crystal tubes containing self positioning solar panels. The panels will follow the light in order to have the best possible light collection at any given time, inclined to allow more light into the panels.The transparent cylinders create a mystical light forest with no boundaries.

The landscape design is inspired by the sun cart from the Danish Viking time. Flower beds are placed between the  bringing us different aromas, helping us find our way through the light maze by smell.

The heat will accumulate inside the cylinder and it will be relieved by an opening on the top of the cylinder that will open to let air in and out at the same time creating a note of sound. The note will depend on the size of the cylinder. This music will create an environment for all the senses.

Environmental note

Glass is a considered a semi-renewable material because of its abundance and unlimited recycling possibilities, the metal and concrete foundation needed for the support of the pieces are both recyclable and abundant. The solar panels will create the energy and will contribute to the grid with sustainable and beautiful energy.

The production capacity of the piece is 200kw.