Sewer to energy

We were asked to design the most innovative system for sludge treatment. A really exciting project of a fantastic new idea on how to turn a problematic byproduct into a source of wealth.

We did an industrial-retro-modern-machine design inspired by the Y-wing starfighter from Star Wars.

The new generation sludge recovery

CLEEF SYSTEM provides an innovative process, a contribution to the energy transition, to manufacturers, local authorities and wastewater treatment plant operators :

  • Optimal recovery of sludge and used oils and grease
  • Energy-positive process
  • Removal of the nuisances induced by the sludge recovery (odor, transportation)
  • Efficient alternative to fossil fuels

The CLEEF process presents important operational assets for its users :

  • Limited footprint and on-site ease of use
  • Guaranteed marketing chain

The CLEEF process enables to extract the water contained in the sludge with a very low energy consumption resulting in the production of the high calorific value CLEEF biofuel.

You can read more in their website:

Enjoy the really cool video our client made!: