COCOON represents the metamorphosis of our culture from the ages of waste to the ages of balance with our environment. Shaped like a spiral, it also represents the flow of energy, the connection between Masdar city and Abu Dhabi, and the movement towards the future. It is a Proposal for Masdar City entrance. The spiral […]

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A new kind of¬† Bus Stop that is: Modular, comfortable,connected, We were asked to help to come up with a concept for an IOT bus stop/ bike parking/ meeting point. A place that would become a meeting point, that would not only be comfortable and aesthetic but that it could connect to the world, share […]

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Wattery Park

A Battery? A PARK?!?! Wattery is the new kind of meeting place; an energy generating, grid regulating, energy storing, moving urban park Our proposal is a sculptural urban meeting point, that creates spaces, informs people and engages the community in a very simple way. The centerpiece of the project is a moving park (the heart) […]

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Big Balls

Harvesting energy from the waves and purifying water with only the energy of the Sun! BIG BALLS is published in ‘Powering Places: Land Art Generator Initiative, Santa Monica’, Prestel. The Artwork base are long floating rectangular platforms that will silently and slowly move with the waves. This new landscape in the water will sway in […]

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Sewer to energy We were asked to design the most innovative system for sludge treatment. A really exciting project of a fantastic new idea on how to turn a problematic byproduct into a source of wealth. We did an industrial-retro-modern-machine design inspired by the Y-wing starfighter from Star Wars. The new generation sludge recovery CLEEF […]

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A ballon bouquet that produces electricity? A flower that makes hydrogen? Sunflower was published in: ‘The Time Is Now: Public Art of the Sustainable City’, Page One Publishing Flowers, as plants in general, capture sunlight during the day, they transform the sunlight energy into chemical energy and by consuming carbon dioxide and water, they generate […]

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Water Lilies

Making energy with MUD? Pool Art with biofuel cells. The Water Lilies are a series of pools that sit on top of the Landfill without damaging it, a contained aquatic ecosystem that prevents species from conquering the thin dirt layer at the top of the Landfill and start breaking it. The ponds are 100m2¬†inflatable plastic […]

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Who said that Urban Acoustic Walls needed to be boring and ugly? The Basilisk is a modular flexible wall that can adapt to different landscapes and needs. The modular design allows to adjust the wall in height and form to adapt to any area and has many advantages: Easy to build. A modular wall that […]

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